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Sunday, January 30, 2005

We got some snow last night (YEAH!) its around 1-4 inches i think, were suppose to be getting more tonight i hope. And Yes today is the Deadline i want you guys to Choose Either SesshTaisho or Seto Kaiba Freak to see who is the Winner, they were the two hightest ones and they were tied and ill anounce who the winner is on Monday so please VOTE!, I want to thank the Judges for their help and for my Some of my Buddies who helped out with the Contest as Well, Thanx Guys. And I Posted a Picture of Ugly Old Me, Just In Case You Guys Wanna See How I Look Like, Yeah I'm a 13 year old Middle Schooler but People Still Think I'm a HighSchooler, Do I Really Look That Old to you GUYS?

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