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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I want to thank Alex aka Destinyssweetman for your comment your so SWEET! *big hug*, okay aniwaise did everyone have a goods aturday mine was okay, i was by myself watching Pokemon episode 800 something....yeah its getting kinda old now, all the new pokemon sux! execpt for Mightyheyna (my favorite hoenn pokey) yeah im tired of snow though we havent gotton it yet, it hasnt even snow yet, we had freezing rain and hail last night but it wasnt much, im so bored i think ill go back to hmongpride.com, if you guys are intrested in joining just go to hmongpride.com, and register and u can chat its totally free, if you guys join my user name will be eithe Saiyan828, Saiya Yuugi, or Azny just in case you guys wanna chat, okay later. And Now Matsuo-Sama is Leading.

Here are the Status

Me Luv Kyo-2
Dark Phoenix-2
Sailor Firestar-1
Seto Kaiba Freak-3

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