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Saturday, January 22, 2005

This sux we still havent gotton any snow, Blah! were never gunno get any, i think my teacher was right "if it rains to much in that state or country theirs a possiblility that they will not get any snow during the winter". The good news is my parents are out to see my aunt see hows shes doing in the winsconson hospital (whatever its called) and my brothers i think they went to the studio to take some pictures, so i get the house to myself again, it is kinda fun though, but kinda boring, cause i think im suffering long term memory lost, cause i cant remeber the times my favorite anime airs, execpt for pokemon (i no i so ashamed im still addicted to it) okay thats all, have a nice Saturday.

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Me Luv Kyo-2
Dark Phoenix-2
Sailor Firestar-1
Seto Kaiba Freak-3

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