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Monday, January 17, 2005

Hey guys im going to hold a competiton on who has the best myO, like what BMG did, i still need a couple of volenteers 4 at the most, PM me, cause i usually forget to check my Comments and if your a judge remember that people can not vote for YOU!, I'll take the First 4 who Asks(hey first come first serve right?), today wasnt all that bad, my friends Kayla, Dean, Becky(shes Kayla's lilo Sister) Joshua and Sandy(Dean's Cousin), and Heather came over and we just went to the theathers to watch "Coach Carter" it was okay, then i just came home and my family still wasnt back (Good) so i just Watched Troy, and some of the really really cheap DVDs i bought, they all sucked no wonder their so cheap (2.10 for one) and at 9:45 my family finally came back, yeah well tahts all for now, if u want to be a judge make sure you PM ME!, Here Are Some Sasuke and Naruto Chibi Pixs For You Guys, I Hope You Guys Like Em`:

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