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Monday, January 10, 2005

Hey guys i hope you like the new layout, this layout is for my buddies who are fans of Yaoi and Yuri Matsuo , Jill , Brooke and last but not least but who can forget my Buddy Shanny , I luv You All Very Much *hugs*, okay enough of that, sorrie i havent been here for a while, yes if u know Garbz u probably read her post, ive been at the hospital at Winsconson because my Aunt got in a car wreak with a Truck (i think it was because of the snow) the drunk driver is okay, but my aunt isnt shes still in the hospital having surgrey, hopefully i can still use the net since my aunts insurence well pay for at least half the price, well ill try to post as often as i can when i pass by the libaray since i found it, i want to thank everyone for caring u guys are tha best! LOVE Ya All Very Much *hugs all*, ill try to get to all of your sites, rite now im falling behind on a bunch of things, i still have to make up the homework is missed(sucks) and for those who requested graphics please be patient.

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