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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Hey guys sorrie for not posting yesterday, ive been so busy latley, well my cuz was thankful for helping her get her aa page to the way it was before, but now im kinda pissed at her, when i transfred my stuff to her "Edit Box", and then my stuff on my aa page was all messed up like everything just dissapered, i might have to fix it up again, or i think it was me since i havent beenupdating my aa page for 8 months now, i guess i should delete it cause i hate it to much, every month u have to update it or your aa page will get fucked up, okay this is for TAG!
Cheer up Jill, no i don't think your losing your touch, i think its because of the people, its either they just dont feel like visting anymore or maybe they vist but they just dont want to post, but cheer up u have lots of time to make new MyO friends, Happy New Year to All my Buddies and a happy birthday to Constance!

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