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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Gurrrr! only 2 1/2 days of school left, well tha news is sayin were suppose to be gettin some snow or a wintery mix kinda thig on sunday afternoon to monday morning i dought it though, well aniwaise ill try to get to yall sites today, i only got to 4 yesterday or wednesday, i can't remeber TT0TT, well today didnt happen much my friend Kayla brought over DodgeBall, man it was a real classic, did u no if u can dodge a wrench (those tool thingies) u can dodge a ball?, i think it was fuuny, the guy from Zoolander players in it man they made him soooooo stupid, but he was FUNNY!, he liked this one girl who is a DodgeBall pro, so he got her fired from her job so she'll get her to go out with him, what a stupid thing that just makes the girl hate him even MORE!, well like most guys they'll do anything to have a guy, well thats all for now thank god it Fri see ya have a nice vacation or just weekend.

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