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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Hey guys im changing my layout theme again, i decided that it should now be either Atem or Marik (the hottie Pharaohs ^-^)instead of the lil pixy i had to enlarge to fit the screen on my MyO, so its either Atem or Marik, u guys vote, u dont have to if u dislike Yu-Gi-OH, well my Saturday was okay i just stayed at my house since my aunt and uncle came to vist, my parents talked and talked (u no how old folks are o.o these days......) well thats all. Have a nice Sunday. Well heres a list of my next layouts, its Yu-Gi-Oh Season after Christmas, which i created ^-^

1. Marik or Atem
2. Bakura Ryo
3. Joey Wheeler
4. Sho Marufuji
5. Judai Yuki
6. Ryo Marufuji
7. Asuka Tenjyoin

A Total of 8 Yu-Gi-Oh Layouts, Oh! I sumitted One Yu-Gi-Oh:GX wallpaper Who is Judia Yuki.

thats all for now it may change, so dont get your hopes up.

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