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Thursday, December 2, 2004

Okaii guys im getting very sick and TIRED! of pplz saving/adding me to their buddy list and never ever ever ever ever visting AGAIN,if u no yer one of those pplz who vist very often, your okaii ^_~, im talking about those who vist once a month on my site, so if yer one of those say BYE BYE, and one of those who vist less than 9x a month or so also say BYE BYE!, cause im getting tired of this shiz-ne-aut everyday, Ill also be changing the layout very soon, itll be either a Chritmas One (which im working on 4 the moment) or a Dark and Daisuke from DNA layout, okaii now that pplz have pissed me off for the moment i have to get back to doing my homework and studies, also i decided to quit softball, and try out for MATH COUNTS, because last year we sucked like HELL, we lost like 10x in a ROLL, pityful i noe. okaii thats all OH! and go to
BMG's MyO and Congrat her for 2,000 HITS!

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