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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello everyone!

It's already 2nd semester for me. So glad, 2 more years to go before I graduate. I haven't been on lately due to the crappy new sceduale this semester. A bunch of hard classes, we have to take so many notes in European History and Spanish VI! I guess I'll have to live with it. I have a bunch of homework today and propably tomorrow as well. All the homework that was given to me today pissed me off, but it made my day when I turned my laptop on after two months and check out the new animes being released: Vampire Knight [Thank you so much for finally making it an anime! It's coming out in April 08!] and Itazura na Kiss [Yes! I Loved the Taiwnese live action and the japanese live action - I want to know what the anime has in store: Comin' in April 08!] I'm so glad that I only have to worry about school for the moment. As of now, I'm out of a job. My manager has been hospitalized due to a car wreak injury. My work place said he'll be discharged in the beginning of Feburary. I have to take a short break and go back to work hopefully by the beginning of February. Best wishes to you Manager Jones! Get well!

1st period - Advanced Modeling and Functions HN
2nd period - Spanish IV
3rd period - Communication Skills HN
4th period - AP European History

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