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Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello everyone! How was your first week of school? Fun? Boring? Made any new friends? Enjoy your classes? My classes are alright, theirs not alot of people. In my Spanish 3 class, theirs only me and 5 other people. My AP Chemistry class has only me and 2 other people. My Calculus class has only me and 13 other people and my last class U.S. History HN has only me and 7 other people. As it turns out, alot of people are dropping out of the upper classes and going down to the lower classes for some reasons. Our school system has changed too, their making us were Student ID badges now, WTF! Your kidding right? Our school is being a little bit too safe. We have sercurity guards patorlling the area 24/7. Next thing you know we have to wear school uniforms. Okay, that's all I have to talk about. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.
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