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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wed. July 11, 2007
Hey guys! Another update! lol. Well anyways, today I have a job interview at Bojangles today, wish me luck. I think, I'll get the job since the Bojangles where I applied was just newly opened 1 1/2 week ago- not many workers yet. Hopefully if I do get the job, my brother's going to get me a new car as my early birthday present *yahoo* as for the other car, my insurance told my parents them that were not going to have to pay for it, but that moron that crashed into me will have to pay for it, sucks for him because he said he doesn't have insurance and turns out he doesn't have his permit nor lisence so jokes on him *evil laugh* (I know I'm so retarted). But anyways, any Code Geass fans out there? Episodes 24 & 25 are airing in 17 days! 17 DAYS! Godly that's so long! I hope they end it good, but I heard their was a 2nd season coming this fall. I just hope Lelouch ends up with C.C (sorry Lelouch X Kallen fans XP) and yeah...I really want to know C.C's real name, so I hope they reveal that too, in the 17 days left for the episodes to air. Oh well, bye bye.

Just Munky Well sort of. I didn't really get any injuries since most of the damage was near the rear end of the car. All I really got was a good hit in the face by my air bag, but that's it.

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