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Friday, August 12, 2005

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Mood:I Dunno You Tell Me
Listening to:FFX Theme Song
Last Anime/Movie Saw:Vampire Hunter D

Avatar Of The Day
A New theme, how do you guys like it?, I havent done a Chobits layout in awhile. I Got 50 Hits so far in 3 days on my Music Site, I think it might just Survive ^^.

Today me and, my friends went to the First Open House at School, and we were about to cuse out the principal, well sorta, he was bein an ass, he was like why should I put you guys together, its better if you guys are seprated, you can study more and make better grades, and my friend Jacee was like huh? excuse Mr.! but I was an A student last year and the year before that, what makes you think I'm gunno fail this year!, you think you can just seperate us, just cause were asian?, a bunch of these Whites and Blacks makes E's and F's and you still put them in classes with their firends, that's messed up, you should seperate them as well, if you don't well then........, all I can say is your a Fucken Racist!, Dean was like, I was a AG student, and I made AB honor roll all my Freakin Life!, I never faid any of my classes!, *and I forgot what else he said*, and the principal was like, you guys have I.S.S for the first week of school, Jacee was like thats fine with me its better than talking to a Racist, just cause he don't know what the Hell Asian and Hispanic people are saying, my edvice is take a darn Language Class. And Dean was like I can care less, as long as I can just say what I feel like to the biggest racist in School's face. Our sceduals was pretty close but not the same, we have the same classes just diffrent time periods, which pissed us all off.

[Something you Guys might not Want to know]

When we cam home, I really had to use the bathroom, my blatter was full, and my damn borther(Lei) had to lock the freakin door by accident, so I had to freakin hold it, since my oldest brother(Xing) was using the other one and hogging it, I swear, you never want to have more than one Brother!. Yeah and my brother finally came out, and he was like the Toilet is broken, and im like hell its not!, I'll use it anyways. Yeah and I got to use it, although it was really broken *sorrie ya, I'm not those people who can hold their bladder in for 5 minutes, I have to use it immiditly*.

Oh yeah I diffenitly went brain dead today after like 2hours after the bathroom problem, my Auntie and Uncle sent me an early birthday present and I was like whats that for?, and their like for your birthday its in 8 days we thought we sould send it to you a little earlier since were not gunno be here on the 19th, and I'm like its in 8 days?!? my birthday?!?(but now its 7 since today is the 12th) , my brother(Kasu) was like how slow are you?, you can't even remember you own birthday how sad, I agreed with him, yes I can be very slow sometimes and not know it, yes Laugh Away, I don't Kare ^^. Aniwaise the Question of the day: Whats your Favorite Game?

My Anserw: Dynasty Warriors all the Wayyyyyyyyyyy!
Oh and I got a Lovely Present for my Dear Vicky(thanks again for the Songs and the award)


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Monday, August 15, 2005

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Listening to:Nothing-
Last Anime/Movie Saw:--------

Avatar Of The Day
Hey Guys, This is Azn Gurl's buddy posting for her, well she's okay i think...........well aniwaise with school starting next week, Stress kicks in, well aniwaise she's alright, im just posting to let you guys no, she might not be on MSN either or her for awhile.


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Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Last Anime/Movie Saw:---------------

Avatar Of The DayA new theme coming up, sometime today. I'm tired today, been spending to much time looking for music. I need some sleep, my eyes have been opened for 24 hours(searching for music), soon to be 48!. Talked with Amber on MSN, got to no her a little better. Today was a pretty much boring day as any other day. Geez wish school would start soon, but this school year is gunno be boring, my damn racist school, seprated me and my asian buddies, theirs like only 1 asian person in each class!, I'm barely gunno see them. Aniwaise Jessica is holding a Contest, Please go and Vote for the Site Contest. Well aniwaise sorry again for the short post.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Time of Post:12:13
Mood:Annoyed and Cranky
Listening to:--------------
Last Anime/Movie Saw:Samurai Champloo Epi. 8

Avatar Of The DayNot much, just woke up from a good long nap, before my Nephew woke me up, with his loud and annoying cry -_-, just been working on my Music Site lately, thanks ya who Visted and Made your Marky in my Guestbook ^^, 15 more days until school, I've noticed that alot of you guys started school a little earleir(august 3rd I believe?). Today was pretty much funny, my Brother's(Lei) pet parrot died(god I hate that darn thing!), at first we thought he died of stravation, since our Cousins came yesterday, he didnt get a chance to feed him his third meal, yeah and my mom wouldnt let him stay in the house, so it happens we had to put him outside, and these 3 cats came and tried to get inside the cage, and today, he died, my brother was like, he didnt die of starvation, he died from a Heartattack from those 3 cats!, Oh yeah, and sorry if I didnt get to your sites yesterday, I'll get to all of them today. Okay bye bye. Take Karez.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Time of Post:12:13
Listening to:--------------
Last Anime/Movie Saw:----------

Avatar Of The DayTime is passing by fast before school no?, well aniwasie how's everyone doing?, well I finally beat monster Rancher, and started another site here on myo called Music Provider4u, check it out and see what you think, its a little messy, i no and plain. AsianAvenue has been having problems, so i got kinda shacky that my site might be deleted so I moved all my songs to Music Provider, okay well bye bye, gatta get to work on my site, ill try to vist you all.

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Saturday, August 6, 2005

Time of Post:1:10PM
Listening to:--------------
Last Anime/Movie Saw:Cowbebop:The Movie

Avatar Of The DayFor some reason my Internet wouldn't allow me to get on MyO until like 8:00PM, so I couldnt Vist everyone Sorrie -_-, hopefully I'll be able to get to everyone's sites today. Something went wrong with my site, with some of the coding so I had to shut it down and fix it. But I'm still playing monster rancher advance. I was searching games on Gamepost, and saw some cool as games coming out, Dynasty Warriors 6:DSL, Resident Evil 5, Tekken 5, Devil May Cry 4, Final Fantasy 7 Tech Demo, (My Games), Sorrie this post is gunno be short.

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

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Listening to:--------------
Last Anime/Movie Saw:Gundam Seed Destiny Epi. 4

Avatar Of The DayAniwaise new Layout, yes I no its plain Colorful BG, and Black font and White body background -_-. Not much about the site, I might add more stuff to it later. My Computer died yesterday(at around 11:55PM), so I couldnt get to everyone's sites due to the fact that when I got on the Net it was already 12:01. Man my 23 days left of School is begining to suck even more, I'm not using it wisely enough. Went to see "March of the Penguins"(staring Morgan Freemen -_-) with some of my Friends, it was okay I suppose, though thier was something wrong with my Contact Lends so I coulndt see very well and I forgot my Glasses too, but I'm going to the Eye doctor to get my Contacts reparied for School(yes didnt no Sai-Chan, was blind without her Contact Lends or Glasses), well I've been blinded since I was 8, no big Deal. Oh and My Buddies on MSN, I won't be on their for a while. Okay Question of the Day: What's Your Favorite Song?

My Anserw: Because I'm a Girl By:KISS(The Korean One)

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Monday, August 1, 2005

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Listening to:--------------
Last Anime/Movie Saw:MUSA:The Warrior

Avatar Of The DaySorry I coulndt post earlier, my Computer was Very slow, so i had to keep restarting it. A New theme Coming up Soon on Tuesday. And 24 more days till School starts again, so we went school shopping. This summer was so darn long and boring. But school starting up again so hopefully things will get better, or worse. Aniwaise I talked to Mari(Blonde Angel) on MSN, she's doing alrite, she told me she's been spending time on Neopets lately, and thats why she has Closed her MyO Site. Well aniwaise here's 4 other cards I got(so what if its a day late or two?)

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Time of Post:12:25PM
Listening to:--------------
Last Anime/Movie Saw:Appleseed

Avatar Of The DayMan, people get so annoying to the point where you can get yourself a headache, Strangers keep asking me for HTML help, saying "TELL MY THE CODE TO GET RID OF YOUR MENUBAR!, I NEED IT!", i didnt bother to look at the name, just read it and deleted it. I'm restricting it for my MyO friends only(so if you need help, feel free to ask). Well another boring day, can't seem to think of anything to post, im just working on Graphics, aniwaise I wanna thank my Buddy Tiff-Chan, and Sliver-Chan for the Cards.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005

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Mood:Just About Every Word you Can think Of..........
Listening to:Besides Saying Goodbye
Last Anime/MovieSaw:--------

Avatar Of The DayWOW! I come back and its 1 day till my MyO anniversary! *Dammit Totally Forgot!* well aniwaise the feneral is finally over!!!!, I thought it would last a week but it was only 4 days -_-, sorry nothing much to post, I pretty much feel like bitchen at some people that don't know how to read the rule "I will only be willing to help people with HTML, that are on my friends list", *Its in english HELLO!, you guys can probably tell I got tired of being a HTML helper, after reciving 12 PMS a day from Strangers, its like you think they would learn after the First PM was egnored *geez*. Aniwaise I saw Fantatic Four, and I gatta say that Movie was Cool, it wasnt what I expected but Cool. I Kinda liked War Of the Worlds better. My Oldest Brother(Xing), the one in College is coming home today for his Summer Break(been at least 5 months since we've seen him), so sorry if I don't get to your sites. Alright Now for the Question of the Day, Who is your Favorite Asian Actor and Actress?

My Anserw:
Actor:WON BIN IS STILL #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actress:JEON JI HYUN(You Just gatta Love her hard Core Attitude in "WINDSTRUCK" and "MY SASSY GIRL" and her Sweetness in "HAPPY TOGETHER")

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