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Monday, January 30, 2006

   I got a fish O.O
well k, sure you think...big deal, so what i got a fish too (but I bet mine is cuter ....uh....did I say thing...I dont think so...oh well)

well c, had my birthday a couple of months back and my friends thought...
person 1: hmmm what should we get (me) on her birthday?
person 2: hehe how bout a fish lol!
person 3:hehe thats funny!
all: ...
person 1: but hey that might not be such a bad idea...
person 2 and 3 : ok?
so they bought me fish....then this happened

person 1: how cute shes gonna be really happy...welll she better be anyway..
person 2: should we name it or should she?
person 1: let us do it! yay.
person 3: .....is it a gut or a girl?
person 1 and 2: uhhhhh.. hmmm...

It is now named Queen Romeo the first (incase it dies queen romeo the second will take its place and so on....the name will never die...ya.....like thats ever gonna happen.) oh ya...its guy....oh well maybe I should take away the queen part...naaah.....anyways cya

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