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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

   The tennyo legend
Long ago there was a fisherman

One day that young man passed by a nearby seashore and saw several beautiful Tennyo bathing. In a pine tree next to him were beautiful robes he had never seen before. The man realized they were the Tennyo's and stealthily took one and returned home.

The Tennyo who's gossamer robe was stolen could not return to Heaven. The Tennyo, having seen the man, suspiciously asked "Do you know where my gossamer robe is? If you have it, please give it back." The Tennyo who couldn't return cried and cried and became the man's wife.

Soon after she gave birth to a child. Many years later---------
The Tennyo heard a song her child was singing. It told the whereabouts of the gossamer robe that the man had hidden.
The Tennyo took back the gossamer robe and return to her beloved Heaven.
Leaving behind her husband.
Leaving behind her children.

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