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Monday, July 18, 2005

   Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel for the PS2
I got this game yesturday and it's really alot fun. WEEE I CAN MAKE ED FLIP XD! Anyway I made a deal with my dad to clean his house if he'd buy me the game. (My dad isn't very neat) But for me being a neat freak like my mother and was no problem I cleaned his whole house in less than 2 hours. Anyway I played the game for about 4 hours today since the weather outside really sucks. But now I'm stuck at this one part so I'll go try again later. If I can't get past this part then I'll go buy the stratagy guide. If anyone who has played the game then maybe you could help me. Anyway my mom's evil twin is coming over tomorow. She's not evil she's really cool. I like her alot. I just call her my mom's evil twin for no reason at all I think I started to call her that when I was 9-years-old or somethimg....-_-....they don't even look alike! We haven't seen her in awhile so it should be fun. Changing the subject, I had this picture of Ayumu for my bg and when I went back to my site just now it said something like "This LOSER hotlinked and blah blah blah...."( I can't exactly remember what it said.) But when I saw it I started laughing so if any of you saw it then I hope you didn't think something like "wow this girl is an idiot". I can be an idiot when I want to. I changed my bg again so if anyone saw it (which I'm sure 5 people did) then your really speacial. ^^ See you guys later!

-Ari or call me Katie which ever you perfer.

Oh one more thing Ranma 1/2 fans if your looking for a good deal on some anime episodes then I know where you can get episodes from the last two seasons for $5. At Five Below. I love that store. ^-^

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