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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I kicked ass today! In my court camp thingy I was on the side of the defense. I was a lawyer. Anyway the story is that my client,Mrs. Carrie D'Way was being charged by Mr. Fused by trying to convert a 3rd grade class to Christianty by bring a man dressed as Santa Claus to the public school for a holiday party.

When I cross examined Mr. Fused I proved that Santa Claus is not a symbol of Christianty. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ. Santa Claus is just a fantasy for children. It has nothing to do with the religious holiday it's self. O_O I guess I won the jury's vote over my ending statement. Tomorow I'm doing a big case, but this time I'm on the Prosecution as a Lawyer. I think that I have enough evidence to go against the defense. This case is about a homicide to the prosecution. But to the defense it's just a simple accident. The story is that a guy named Jamie was going to go to a College for track. After he got on to the team he had to take a test to be accepted by the upper class men. The last test was to climb out a window (blindfolded) and walk across an eight-inch plank to the next window. Now this was all just a joke the upperclass men came up with. They got two windows and built a wall and two roofs to seem like you were walking from one window to the next. 5 inches under the plank was two mattreses. So if someone fell they wouldn't get hurt. Jamie went and was walking across the plank perfectly when the guy on the end, Peterson flipped the plank and Jamie hit his head against the side of the roof fracturing his skull resulting in instant death. So I gotta come up with some good questions. Other news in my life my guine pig died and I buried her today. It was really sad. We just got her from someone but they said that she was really old so I guess it was her time to go. I also went out and bought a Yami bag yesturday and my mom threw it out the car window. Then she rolled up the window and said, "I HOPE I DENTED HIS HEAD!" and I started cracking up. It was so funny ^^ luckly she didn't dent his head. My mom thinks Yami is cute too, she just thinks that I'm too obsessed with him.

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