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Saturday, July 9, 2005

   HI! ^^ Random stuffs
Hey everyone! What's up? My mom is upset cause our fish died. But she said that she was getting new ones today. I haven't updated anything in awhile. I'm amazed that you can e-mail voice actors. It's really cool when they write back. I'm watching court tv right now... -_- I went to Best Buy and they had the 5th Spiral DVD so I bought it and I'm really happy. But I was really pissed cause the guy at Best Buy said that they pushed the release date back to August so when I saw it there I yelled out "HE LIED TO ME!" and this lady was right behind me looked alittle freaked. Aww, What can I say? I'm the type of person who goes out and talks to random people and sings and dances out in public. (Some of my friends think it's embrassing but I think there just being sticks in the mud.) I like to yell at the screen in movies. This one time I was at the movie theater with my friend and we were going to see the spondge bob movie and she dared me to face the crowd and say that I love spondge bob. So I wanted to get her to shut up so I stold up and faced the crowd (there were about over 100 people there) and yelled "SPONDGE BOB RULES!" and there was this pause of silence and then everyone started laughing. My friend was all like "I was just kidding I can't believe you did that!" and I said "I do that all the time." Who would you say is your all time favorite anime character?
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