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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

   School's almost over. Huryah! ^^
I haven't updated myOtaku in a long time but since school's basiclly over (it ends Friday for me.)I've decided to say that I'm so happy that it's over. *sobs* And when I get out of school I get to go to my first Anime convention! (animenext) I'm so excited I've always have wanted to go to a convention. I'm still working on my costume but I'm sure I'll finish it in time (well my mom's helping me.) I read a new manga called Yotsuba&, and it's really cute. (it's but the same creator from azumanga daioh) Oh and I've also been reading Girl Got Game. We also adopted a gueine pig and she's really cute. My dad hates her -_-
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