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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   *cough cough*
HI! Today I went shopping and this lady started hitting on me saying "Your hair is so long and beautiful. I love it so much sweetie." (for those who don't know I have long, thick, blondish brownish, wavy, hair.) I was a little bit freaked but I just thanked her and went into the dressing room. When my mom came looking for me she talked to the lady from before who was hitting on me. The lady says "Your daughter has such beautiful hair, she looks so much like you." Okay, me and my mom look nothing alike at all! My mom is tall and has brown hair. I look alot like my dad (short -_-). Then the lady started telling my mom how pretty she was. My mom was freaked too. O_o When I came out of the dressing room the lady said "Bye Katie!" But don't worry today was a great day cause I bought myself a Yami Yugi t-shirt! ^^ It's so CUTE!
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