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Monday, April 4, 2005

   Just some evil things I've done that have to do with anime.!
I name my friends after anime characters against their will. My anime friends have at least between 3-8 names. All of my anime friends are girls so I name them after guys.
I took my friend to the Yu-Gi-Oh movie (and she doesn't like Yu-Gi-Oh)but it was funny being in a theater with a bunch of little kids. Like when Seto said "Shut up and duel." A kid Screamed out, "HE SAID A BAD WORD!" It was so funny. Of course I enjoied the movie cause I got to see Yami on big screen and I was like drooling. My friend, Anna didn't really like it much so then I bought it, and Anna, Miyori and I watch the movie together (twice I think we've watched it.)You know the funniest thing to do is to put the subtitles on and turn the volume down all the way and do the characters voices. (We did it with the Yu-Gi-Oh movie ^^)

......I'm bored now....I don't know what to talk about...um lets see I went back to school from vacation...yeah...

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