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Friday, April 1, 2005

   Stories that people come up with...
the Yu-Gi-Oh cast goes to Hawaii...
Yami arrived on the beach of the mainland. "Hmmm. seems alot like Egypt." Little Yugi was sad. "my hair is melting like butter toast. Yami, get the hair gel." That night, there was a hula competition. As always, Seto was determined to defeat little Yugi, who was still having hair problems. "Joey looks cute in a skirt," said Mai. "As long as we have friendship, nobody cares about looks." said Anzu. suddenly, a fruit coctail flew out of the night sky and hit her on the head. "sorry, but she was getting on my last nerves," said Yami.The horn sounded for the competition to start. First up were Seto and Joey. Seto started with a birarrage of insults at Joey's hulaing. Seto then started out with a classic rainbow. Joey countered with a flower blooming movement. Seto's skirt started to fall so he had to hike it up. Then Joey tripped over his own skirt and fell into the sand. Seto was declared the winner and skirt started to fly up like his cape. Then Yugi and Marik faced each other. Anzu said "YUGI USE THE FRIENDSHIP HEART MOVEMENT!" And another cocktail hit her on the head. Marik said, "I shall become the king of the hula! AND THERE"S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME!" Marik's brain exploded and he lost.(sorry ;_;)Little Yugi verses Seto. (with Yami in Yugi's brain.) Little Yugi heard a voice in his head saying " BELIEVE IN THE HEART OF THE HULA AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! AND DEFEAT THAT POMPOUS WINDBAG! OH AND YOUR COCONUT BRA IS SLIPPING. LET ME HELP YOU WITH THAT!" Little Yugi sees a ghostly shape come out of his ear and start to adjust the offending coconuts. Seto said "very um... touching. (can we get on with this.) Little did Seto know that Little Yugi had had a Hawaiian hip shake in his skirt. Yugi won and Yami and little Yugi had to face each other in the final round. It was a very touching defeat when Yami died.
The End...or is it...?
BY: ayumunurumi90 and stinky die die

Spiral (redone)
Instead of Ayumu his name is Yummy.
And Instead of the Blade Children it's the grass children (not the drug!) Yummy has to save the grass children from the lawnmower of doom!
BY: ayumunurumi90 & MIHYORI

(don't hate us....-_-)

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

   I hope this isn't true.
One of my friends heard from one of her friends that Bush was planning to ban anime. I heard he said it was rotting our minds. (Oh please!) I hope it isn't true. I don't think he even can ban anime. (there's an anime network after all and don't forget about all of those conventions.)If anyone has any details about this at all please relpy. I just hope it's a rumor.
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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

   How could she?
One of my friends was making fun of the title "Fruits Basket". I tried telling her about the show but she still thinks it's about a basket of fruits and a rice ball. She's nuts -_- then again maybe I'm just nuts.
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   YAY! ^_^
My mom fixed our computer! (whitch is pretty amazing since she isn't that good with computers.)We had over 2600 viruses! O_O I'm glad it's all cleaned out. A WORD OF ADVISE FROM MY MOM:Becareful on what sites you go on because it drags along things. I'm just glad it works again, but this computer for 7 years we've had trouble with for along time so were gonna get a new PC soon. ^_^
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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   This is so true about me...I do get jealous easily.

Your inner Demon..... by Elf_of_fire
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Demon of:Jealousy
# of years it's been in you:6
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My mom knows that I like Yami (From Yu-gi-oh) but she can't tell the difference between the sounds of the names Yami and Ayame (From Fruits Basket). I was watching fruits Basket once and my mom said. "Who's that?" I tolled her it was Ayame and she said. "Okay I draw the line with men with long hair that wear dresses." It took me a moment to figure out what she was exactly talking about and then I tolled her that "I like Yami not Ayame." (well Ayame is my favorite character so I guess I like him but not the way I like Yami.)At first she thought Ayame was a girl just like she did with Inuyasha, Shippo, Miroku, and Sesshomaru. -_- She watches anime with me but she can't tell if a guy is a girl or if a girl is a guy.
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   Don't hate me.
Yami and Yugi are the most ovious (can't spell!) couple in yu-gi-oh, please don't hate me! The reason why I support this couple is because they're always holding hands and hugging each other. Yugi is comstinatly on Yami's mind, "I'll give my life to protect Yugi!", "I always want to stay with Yugi.", Yugi, Yugi, YUGI! Tht's all he ever talks about! Yeah I love Yami but think about it, these two are consantly looking out for one another. The thing that really gets me mad is all of this YamiXAnzu stuff. >.< Get this Anzu likes both Yugi and Yami, but when Anzu and Jounichi were kidnaped by Marik, Yami was worried, but when Yugi was missing (got his soul stollen... whatever.) Yami couldn't stop crying. Yami loves Yugi. Isn't that proof enough? Yaoi haters please don't hate me! >_<

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Great...just great! My mom's computer died today so I can't fully access my account. I might end up making a new one beacause I can't read comments on my dad's PC. This really bites!
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   Spring break!
At last it's spring break! ^_^ But it also is kinda bad because I cought a stupid head cold! >_< Anyway I hope you all have a happy easter.
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I got the most awsomest present for my little cousin, A CARDBOARD STAND UP OF KENSHIN! She loves Kenshin she'll be so happy! ^_^
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