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Monday, November 13, 2006

Just another weird day

Hikari by Fainaru

November 13, 2006
Been a while since I've made anything other than abstract themes. Surprisingly enough, this layout doesn't have an FF12 inspired title, which is too bad. For those who have Hikari in their hands, remember to follow the terms and enjoy the design. It's not always I steer away from monotone - or try to steer away for that matter.

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  • Leave the image + stylesheet as it is.

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  • To create multiple pages with the same design, simply copy and paste what is in code onto a new page.
  • It is advised you know at least the basics of HTML to ensure the layout works.
  • Any questions concerning the layout can be addressed here or here.
  • Remember that the Terms of Use always applies if you plan to use this layout.
  • If you find the CSS too long, replace it with this stylesheet link:

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Hello everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well *nods* heh heh, don't you just love the wallpaper I have put up as my background? Meh, or perhaps it's just me and my hypersora/kingdom hearts philia xD

Nothing much to say, had another weird day at school. The teachers let loose today o_O it was last period Science class and the teacher sent the class up to the computer lab, one of the other science teachers were there already (it was his free period) and my maths teacher. I had to site at the computer inbetween the two teachers.

It was so odd, they kept on talking to me saying things like:

"You haven't said 10 words in my class yet"
another teacher goes "Why can't they all be like that?" and my other teacher goes on saying loosen up, while Mr.Ying says no, it's not good >.>
Keep her this way.

Now, when I said the teachers let loose I mean it...they started screaming and acting like teenagers o_O;

*laughs* I'm sounding like I'm 60 years old xD

And then they started bashing up the principle, calling her stupid ><


heh heh
Take Care
-Ayumi Chan

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