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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


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'Allo Mates!!!!

Yeah, another random post from me 6 months at a time........ ANYWAYS I CHECKED UP ON MOST OF YOUR SITES AND MOST OF YOU GUYS SOUND GREAT :D!! I was happy to see that, but i was also sad that some people left T__T. I am still here on otaku and i just rarely update my site, but some of you have probably noticed some random comments from me here and there.

Also to clarify!!!! I just checked my pm's! I havent checked my messages since like.......AUGUST?? well yea, i was getting messages about the site contest that the due date was on halloween...that was from last halloween....not this halloween, i wasnt even around much on halloween, so halloween05 not 06 ^^'. Yea a winner was selected and the prize was sent out, i need to take down that site, but i dont even remember the url to it O_o.

OH! Some fan art updates! I entered the breast cancer awareness contest thingy and have two entries so far:

If you could comment and vote on them i would greatly appreciate it ^^. I dont know if i want to enter more, probably not, im a college student so that allows me to have alot of time during the day :( i need something to occupy my self, i guess drawing helps XD.

Well anyways Im off to my math final ;o;!!! I hope i do okay ._., love ya! wish me luck T___T!

Arent i sparkly today?

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