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Thursday, June 8, 2006

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It is exactly 7:09am...and i have yet to go to bed, i've been editing myotaku site for probably over 2 hours already and im finally finished!! ^___^ yayers! It looks better ne? Yea yea, i know, its gundam seed...again ^^'. So this week and been reviewing everyones sites to see what i've missed, who has disappeared completely, though i have yet to comments on sites yet. I'll start doing that this evening when i've slept a little lolz XD. Im probably going to delete a few people on my list due to lack of updating (i hope no one did that to me T.T) i will be very sad if i find that out. your probably saying "well you were gone for so long!!" T.T!!!!!! hehehehe well, im off to bed and i will check up on everyone who has updated with in the past few days! bye all love you lots! and comment! remember a comment for me is a comment for you ^.~ (i promise X3)

Arent i sparkly today?

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