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Sunday, June 4, 2006

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Hey guys!

Long time no see...again. Sorry, i know alot of you are saying, DAMNIT LEAVE OR STAY ALREADY!! Well im going to be more active now that summer is here! I graduated from High School last friday and its sad T.T, all my friends are leaving. I have some friends that are going to be attending college in UK, germany, france, and ireland. Im really going to miss them, DONT BE IN A RUSH TO GRADUATE!! all your friends will leave. Im also kind of sick of hearing "oh yea, it happens" sure it does, but that doesnt mean i cant be sad about it. So what happens next? college X3, the time when i move away from home...T.T i dont want to leave my mommy and move away. Im such a momma's girl XD. oh well, i guess thats life lol.

well, i definately wanna know how everyone is doing!! i noticed a few peoples have signed my guestbook, so i'll get on those right away ^__^. Oh i also noticed my one year otaku anniversary passed a long time, so yayers!

Arent i sparkly today?

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