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Friday, March 24, 2006

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Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is doing dandy.. Its cold and flu season here, and sadly i have a blasted cold, man i feel so bad T_T, i dont mean to complain, but omg, i wish my cough would stop, its so painful, and my asthma is making it worse. Also it doesnt help that my friend smoked like 6 cigarettes around me today, i was hurt she didnt have any consideration, but i didnt say anything.

but all and all Im in a good mood and im going to make this post short, i need to get to bed. BUt a major plus would be that today was the last day of school and now i have tomorrow and all next week off, yay!

but anyway i have a myspace account now, so if anyone has one and would like to be friends, just pm me ^.~ well night night ^_^

Arent i sparkly today?

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