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Thursday, August 31, 2006


well today (or yeaterday depending on when you read this) was my first day of school and let me tell you it's probably the best first day of school i've ever had. (sarcasm) i went to my homeroom and my teacher said that he didn't have my schedule and so i should go to the cafeteria, then they told me to go back to class. after that my teacher to told me to go to room 902, but they told me i should go to room 802 and then they told me to go to the front office. then the office told me to go to the theater, then they told me to go to room 802 again, then the cafeteria again, then the front office again, and then finally the theater again. and what did that all come down to? it turns out i did all that just to find out that the stupid school withdrew me and that i have to reregister. HOW UNORGANIZED IS THAT?! and why was it that i had been withdrawn? it turns out that they keep sending my mail my old address even after i changed the address 3 times!! and since i don’t live there anymore the mail was sent back and if your mail gets sent back then you’re automatically withdrawn. i even had the pleasure of walking to and from school. im suppose to get a ride home from my friend, but because i couldn’t stay at school without any classes i had to walk home which takes about 25min. i guess i definitely had my exercise for the day. i'd say i probably know every member of the staff in my school -.- i even got to follow the principal around a few times. fun right? so tomorrow my dad has to reregister me -.- im not even sure i can start school tomorrow.

i hate the month of august >.< i've been getting nothing but bad luck all month and tomorrow it still august!! T_T when will the madness end?! i don't think i'll get the classes i want anymore now that i have to register so late.

take care!

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