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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

horseback riding =D

hei guys! well today's my last day of freedom T_T and it's my junior year. my friend says it's going to be the hardest year of them all and im like yeah, that really makes me feel better. but on a brighter note i got to go horseback riding yesterday^^ it was lots of fun. i just wish i could actually RIDE the horse instead of just walk behind another horseís butt. speaking of horse butts, i saw my brother's horse poo right in front of me... it was... uh... an interesting sight... >p but it really was fun, the most fun i had all summer. i got to ride a horse named Jessie. omg he is so beautiful! i wanted to ride a brown horse and Jessie was white and black spotted but i loved him just the same^^ now... i miss him T_T my stepfather was making fun of how i missed Jessie because i only road on him once, but so what! i liked him. i still have lots more to say but i'll stop there. i don't want to make this a really long post.

forgive me if i don't get to your sites today. my mom wants to take me to the mall and my dad wants to take me to see this cat show. so cute! =3 it's weird though. now that i have to go to school soon everybody wants to go somewhere -.- makes me feel like a bomb's going to go off at any minute.

update on my brother's lice. we decided to go with the shave-all-his-hair-off idea. surprising no? buwahaha now he's bald!! >D

take care!^^

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Monday, August 21, 2006


some of you guys gave me some advice. just to let you know a lot of what you guys said are just myths, but i thank you anyway^ ^ i donít think i have lice. i hope not, but i think my dad has it now, cuz he keeps scratching his head x_X for some stupid reason he hasnít started the treatment yet. i would rather shave my brotherís hair all off or pour mayonnaise all over it >D BWAHAHAHAHA! XD but since im only his sister i have no right to do such a thing. my dad would kill me. but im worried if we donít start taking this under control iíll end up getting lice sooner of later. *sigh* maybe it wonít be so bad having company in my hair >p im just kidding iíd rather shave my hair all off first! ok well anyway just wanted to thank you guys for your concern and keep praying that i DONíT get lice, if i havenít gotten it already.

take care and be lice free XD

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

wahahaha T_T

my brother has lice! and it's horrible! nasty little things. what if i have it?! ugh... stupid kid >.< i told him not to go to so many sleep overs. he got it from one of his friends that "used to" have lice. HA! used to!? he still has them! now my brother has to go through this whole treatment thing and if we find anything in my hair i'll have to do it too. -.- not to mention the fact that we need to vacuum practically anything that's squishy in the house. i never thought i'd hate lice so much. damn creatures must DIE!!!! DIE DIE DIE!!! ok as you can see im very upset and FRIGGIN' paranoid that i might have lice in my hair, so i better stop this post now. i'd thought i'd mention it cuz it's about the most exciting thing that has happened to me all summer -_-

take care guys and keep smiling =).... >_>

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


hei people. how have you been? i think i've only updated about 2 times this whole summer xD well not much has been going on. i go back to school in 2 weeks. so looking forward to it... -.- so im enjoying freedom for as long as i can before i have to go back to the waking up feeling like im going to drop dead at any minute and complaining about how the teachers are so crazy. anyway enough about school. my friends and i were talking about it all night and now i think if i don't stop i might as well start school tomorrow.

well a couple of days ago i went to the movies with my friend. it was fun. i saw part of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 while waiting for another movie to start. we were so lost. i have no idea if the movie just began or not. maybe one day i'll see the whole thing.

ok well that's my update. really interesting RIGHT? you had fun reading it RIGHT?! ok that's it for me, spending a whole day with my friends has made me much too tired to think of anything else to type and i've lost my pep, making this post really boring. oh well, i'll be funnier next time^^

take care and keep smiling! =)

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

hei buddies!

heiheihei! how ya doin?

well i haven't updated in awhile. i've been hanging out with some buddies that finally came back from vacation. so i've been pretty busy, but at least i made time to visit all of you^ ^

well... now im bored... hmm... what to talk about. i think i got fat over summer break. then again maybe not. but i've been eating lots of potato chips lately... i think i eat when im bored. omg im going to get fat -.-||| ok im rambling.

oh! jigglyness is holding up a contest! and for people just as bored as i am this should keep your interests up! she needs more people to enter! and if you don't enter or at least check out the rules i'll... i'll... be very angry! yeah ANGRY!! ARGH! ok yeah, imma nerd XD at least check it out and see if you'd be interested.

well that's about it, except my friend's moving... im gonna miss him. every time i'd see him he would always be smiling or cracking jokes. i've even seen him in pain and he'd just laugh. -.- that sounds crazy. i just mean he doesn't like to worry his friends. it's rare to find someone like that, at least for me. TT.TT

well take care!^^

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Sunday, July 2, 2006


hei guys! sorry for another sudden disappearance. this time it was my computer >.< i was pretty bored without it. so i've been sitting around waiting for it to be fixed. amazing what you can do by reading the manual. XD so sorry for missing your guy's posts. i'll be sure to make that up. ok i just wanted to apologize for disappearing again, although it hasn't been that long.

take care!~^.^~

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Friday, June 23, 2006


heiheihei how ya doing? ^.^

ok i've been getting comments about my whereabouts since all i've been doing is visiting and not updating. well now all of you know im alive. sorry i've been gone so long and haven't visited in such a lone time. i hope i've made that up to most of you who have visited me from before.

well itís 2:15a.m. right now. odd time to update, but that's basically all i have to say. nothing much has happened since school let out, except a bomb scare at a restaurant right next to where i live. not much to it really, so i won't bother you guys anymore.

take care!~^.^~

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


hei guys been awhile huh? well i just wanted to wish all you lucky lovers a happy valentine's day!! not much going on sept that my bday's only a week away!! so gimme something nice!!! lol jk! ok well i hope i can post more often now. ttyl!

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Monday, January 2, 2006


im glad to hear everyone had a good new year!^ ^ my new year was pretty boring, but then again they always are...

well tomorrow i go back to school. this is my last day of freedom T^T then i'll have exams. NOOOOOOO!!!!! i'll probably fail =.=||| haha i still haven't done my homework XD but it's ok, all i really have to do is read the Iliad. it's so long and boring though -.- every time i try to read it, it makes me want to sleep. stupid epic poems!! `.`

im sorry guys i think after today, i won't be visiting you guys so often anymore. i'll try my best though. have a good day!^ ^

take care!~^.^~

thank you jigglyness!!^.^

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Sunday, January 1, 2006

5...4...3...2...1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
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hei guys! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!^ ^ i hope you all had a great 2005 and will have a great 2006!

so how's break so far? most of you still have another week to go. unfortunately i only have a couple of days left before going back to school =.=

ok anyway, i had a great year being on the otaku with you guys. have a great new year and party away ^.~

take care!~^.^~

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