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Sunday, July 12, 2009

   Random thoughts

Grettings to one and all! ^^

Okay so this is the new background. It's from photobucket. It was made by erosensei08.

As you can see Iíve changed the background and the idea is definitely Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion. One of my personal all time favorite animes out there. Itís sooo good and the characters are so deep at times. EPIC! ^_^

Okay so I get to see VAMPS in concert! ^^ WooHoo! In case you donít know who VAMPS is then Iíll tell ya who the members are and yaíll can go from there. VAMPS consists of Hyde from L`Arc~en~Ciel and KAZ from Oblivion Dust. They make a great combo and I totally can not wait to see them! ^^

Tell me some thing, is it wrong to want to embrace the dreams that you have? I had a conversation with a friend the other night and she indirectly stated that it was wrong to follow the dreams you have. I can understand that education is important but I am not gonna go because someone forces me to. Sheís only going to prove a point and try her hand at being ďsuperiorĒ to me. I am a pretty humble person about life and can accept people being ahead of me. Itís natural but with her it seems like she does everything Iíve done only to 1UP me or displays unreal amounts of spite and hatred towards me. I was wondering if this is a normal thing with friends?

Anyways, I gots me a FACEBOOK thing a ma bob recentlyÖ I donít really use it though. Strange huh?

Well thatís all. Iíll take pics and talk some more another time.

Ja ne.

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