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Monday, June 29, 2009

   Random thought

Grettings to one and all! ^^

Okay so letís start with the long list of things that have been happening as of late.

Recently I went to Best Buy to purchase some more anime DVDs.- BLEACH, Code Geass and Black Blood Brothers boxset- when I went to the cashier, he looked at me like I was nuts. I just smiled and purchased my DVDs in complete silence. I then realized after I stepped out of the store that I had forgotten a DVD- another BLEACH- so I rushed back in to pick it up. I ended up getting the same cahier. He looked at me this time and said, ďYou must have one hell of a movie collection.Ē I just laughed and replied, ďA lot of people seem to agree with you. And my mom hates the fact that in one year, I made my movie collection larger than hers.Ē He just laughed and was totally amazed by the statement. However the point of this story is that people try to avoid otakus and are quite surprised to learn that we are normal people that go out and make purchases on our own. I usually get the same looks when I go into Borders with about $200 and walk out almost flat broke because I bought a whole bunch of manga. Itís amusing and sad at the same time.

I learned recently that I have an alter ego. Itís a boy too! o_O I totally freaked out! But now I have somehow made a connection with him and my friends completely enjoy him. Strangely enough, his name is Aya. I think that heís an otaku too. But I could be wrong.

I learned that I have a fondness for all kinds of music from the Asian continent. I really like Chinese music a lot. Especially Jay Chou but I forgot his Chinese name. OkayÖ. Mind blank. Weird.

Oh well. Oh! I started writing real fan fiction! Iím late to finally put them online but I finally did however the first one is a Final Fantasy VII yaoi though. Iím still working on my comedy one though. Iíll totally publish it when I get the chance. YAAAAY!^^

Sorry, I go through high spikes in sugar out of nowhere. At anyrate, being 20 is very boring. At anyrate, thatís all for this post.

Iíll update more tomorrow. Feel free to IM me if you get bored. Itís the one on the side for AIM and just state your from the otaku. I would love the company.

Ja ne.

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   I'm officially back in the driver's seat.

Grettings to one and all! ^^

To those who still come to visit when I update, Iím BACK! Iíve interwebs at home and I couldnít be happier. Iíve got me all my accounts and stuffs completely set up now. And Iím on the web nightly, at least from where Iím sitting.

Wow, thereís so much to say to everyone but since Iím too excited to get around to peopleís websitesÖ Iíll just post this right quick and take my leave to see how youíre all doing.

Please take note to the changes in personal info as it is completely up to date and talking to my fellow otakus is always a pleasure.

Leave a post. Have a good day.


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Monday, May 26, 2008

   FINALLY! HeeHee!

FINALLY! I have returned!

Even though there is no internets in my house, I am in a place where updating this place is in order.

First off, happy memorial day to all. I am at a BBQ posting.

Next, to all those that actually care, Iím terribly sorry for the long absence without updating, and if you can find it in your heart to forgive me then I appreciate it.

Next matter, I have graduated from high school in the long absence, hence being a free manÖ oh wait, Iím a girl. Lol. J Sorry. So I graduated high school and tried this equal opportunity program but due to the fact that I became extremely suicidal, I quit. I donít care if it was paid for, I wasnít going to die for my education.

Now, Connecticon is approaching soon and the most exciting thing happened last con, I met Vic MignonaÖcanít spell his last name but I adore him to death. Here is a picture of me and him at Connecticon.

I personally donít do pictures but this is important to me. Now hereís one of my friend Taru. ^^

Con was a blast and I know that weíll manage this year. Now, I had Chinese last year and Iíll put up a couple of pics of my class.

I really enjoyed their company. Everyday was a blast from them.

Now hereís a pic of some of my friends when we went to Rhode Island.

As you can see, my life isnít all that interesting. Ok, itís pretty good. If I had pictures, Iíd show my family and such but now a days Iím learning to take pictures.

So for now, I hope everyone is well and Iíll try to get around to your sites as well. Good luck to everyone and God bless.


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Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Hope u love utada....cause she's my new theme.
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Thursday, September 21, 2006

   Quick update...President Kagami here.^^


I am president of the Japanese Culture Club that Shadow-kun and I founded!^^

Wow....we are doing good.

However I hear that bastard is talking though and that really pisses me off.WHY? Just cuz my club is off to a good start and doesn't have annoying freshmen (no offense to our freshmen here on theO) doesn't mean you have to talk a load of crap.

By the way...Kagami gets promoted today!^^

I'll be a captain...can't a general like Sephiroth but that's okay because I'm getting there.^^

Well that wasn't quick but it was good.Hugs to everybody and Kitabug...I MISS YA!^^

*jumps high and screams*

By the way...FMA movie is out!I saw it and cried,I HAD NO MONEY ON ME!GRRRRRRRRRR!^^

Well ja matta ne


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Konnichiwa! Ni Hao! Hola! Hi!
We open todayís post with a little quiz result. ^^

Quiz Result Provided By: theOtaku.com.

What Personality Do You Have?

Hosted by theOtaku.com: Anime. Done right.

Okay that was fun. ^^ I hope everybody is well and so I canít really update right now. I have however paid my respects to those who have updated when I was on the O today. Tomorrow that crazy paranoid lady from ConnCAP comes back. I hate it! Then Iíll end up in JROTC for two periods.

By the way, here's something that has been buggin me.Maybe you guys can answer the question.

Exactly how many Eva pilots are there?I already know the first 3 from the series but how many are there really?

Ja ne,


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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Konnichiwa Mina-san!^^

Hope everybody likes the new layout. Weiss Kreuz. Cause their sexy!^^

Hugs to all! I missed all of you so much! AnywaysÖI am so glad to be able to update and talk to everybody on theO again. At anyrate. I am back to school and permitted internet access because Iím a seniorÖfinally!^^ I am almost done with my hard and perilous career in high school. Lol. Time out. What the hell am I saying? Heehee.

Anyways the last time I left you guys you learned of my split personality and that I got a job. Keybladekeeper know what I do. I work at McDonalds!^^ Hey itís better than nothing. Actually, I like working with everybody. ^^ I havenít gotten internet yet because my mom says to hold off on it. I might get cable insteadÖfor BLEACH!^^ canít wait. Itíll be on adult swim starting sometime this month. Be ready! ^^

Okay so I hope everybody is and has been doing okay. Thanks to everybody who expressed their concern. ^^ I hope to get around to all your sites soon. Well then, Iíve got to go and start looking at everybodyís sites. By the way, I will be clearing my friends list sometime this week so if you get deleted by accident then please let me know so that I may re-add you. ^^

Ja ne,


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Friday, September 1, 2006

   I'm back so I can post.Everybody have a great Labor Day and I'll update on Monday!^^


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

   Hey people!^^

Still alive.Trying to get internet.Have a job.You know...Well I hope everybody is doing ok.

I miss everybody too but Kita and I used to talk always.^^Same thing with YamiYugi1990...miss her too.

At anyrate...see ya.


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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Wow, school is almost over and that means that we canít talk anymore. Iíll be lucky if I get a job. I donít have internet and I have hard access to the internet.

AnywaysÖdonít be surprised if I fall off the Earth for a summer. ~_~ To think this might be my last postÖ.well at least weíre coming close to that. My last post from school maybe on Thursday. ~_~ Let me stop thinking about it.

AnywaysÖthe doctor has the results of my tests back. Itís officialÖI have a split personality. I think itís scary. I think it explains my violent behavior for the past few yearsÖluckily my friends have yet to see it. Thank God. So the personality is a guyÖ.according to the doctor, can you say that? His name is Mo.

Well thenÖIíll leave you with picturesÖ ja ne.

Okay. Thatís the beginning of the end of my postÖIíll see u.

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