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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

strang day
first peread: i fell asleep in wot, and every one sead i snowered big time, lol, then we all broke this card boered chear that some one mayed and i hit this one week spot and it lonched back distrowed moset of the chear but i fell on my ass and i was then drop kiking the dame thing to it was fun
seconed peread: nothing realy big hapined
thered" ": same there to
fourth" ": we had histary and we all stared to go a littel crazy and every one was saying land like a goat and it was just funny
fithe" ": nothing big realy
sixth" ": well was mack some thing not realy shere
seventh" ":lol, its was so funny i can even say sorry
eiath" ": nothing realy much

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Monday, November 5, 2007

hay every one
hay ive head an ok day, sorry i didnt post this morning, totaly sliped my mined, well any way, today was ok like i sead, i hade pe, gym for last peread and i had a chowes of eather ome hokey thing and socer togeather or what liftiong, i chowes the whates, i figer its mack more stronger for my poopypo and that is the name of her site not her realy name or pepa name she came up with it not me, but any way yea mt hearms hear like hell right now, i guess i did tomush on my armes and not enufe on any thing else, i move my arms and then i fell them just sream in pain, go figer, well see you guys on hear later , bye
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Sunday, November 4, 2007

vid for poopypoo love you hun

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hay every one
well i dont have much to say so im just going to say hi and thats it, well later
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

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dame it !!!!!!!
man this sucks i woke up this morning with a realy bad crape, right below the knee, it sucks, it heart realy bad, i was rolling all over my bed when it hit, that is not the way you ack up in the morning
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Friday, November 2, 2007

hay every one well i douet im going to be on much tonight i mean im propble going to be working till some time around 11 tonight so yea bumer and i just wish it was saterday all ready that would be so great
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

this is that game i tolled you guys about and truset me when i say its more then this

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hay every one
well i changed my ava and bghope you like if not to bad, lol, no im just kiding ill git something beter if i can fined something beter, any way the bg and ava are from a game i play called monster hunter its a cool game if you like killing monsters and then macking armer and weopens out of them then you would like it, and its got no difalcke seating just differint miisions that git hearder as you go, and theres 5 levels and right now im stuck on 4 with 2 to do befor i git to 5 it sucks big time, sorry for macking a post about a game some of you may not care and if so sorry, lol, well if you like what you have ready the look the game up if you whant its interesting, dame it, ok im shutring up now and see you guys later
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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

this is for halloween hear you go

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