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Friday, August 18, 2006

   I Have Returned! And Guess What!
Hey everybody. Howís it going?

Before we get going, I just want to ask and make sure that everyone has seen the post below this one with all the screens from Dead Rising and such.
I need to get those off my page because they may be causing loading problems for some people. BUT, I wannaí make sure everyoneís seen emí before I do. ~_^
So, if you havenít already, please, please, PLEASE check out the previous post before I delete all those screen-shots.

OK, onto an overdue post and update on my current status.
Ií havenít posted for a while on here, mainly due to the fact everyone seemed absent for a while.
But, guess what happened in that duration between now and last post. =^_^=
I got the new computer installed in my room! And you know what that means; I now have Photoshop at my access!!! ^o^

I havenít done anything profound with it yet (mostly because it took me until now to get my Artwork folder transferred from the old computer to this one), but thatíll change soon. ^_^

Iíll tell you right now though, there are a lot of glitches & kinks in my new computer that need to be worked out by my mom.
My e-mail doesnít work, MS Word isnít working properly, I ďdonít have authorityĒ to delete files I donít want, and my Desktopís loaded with extra junk I donít need and canít use (and canít delete! O_o ). In addition, about 1/3 of my music library isnít working because I ďdonít have a licenseĒ to play that media. There were some glitches transferring all my stuff from the old computer (which is now in my little brotherís room) to this one, and apparently one of those glitches was it not transferring the licenses for a lot of my music.
Hereís what I canít currently play in Media Player:
-My 1 Black Label Society (Zack Wylde) album,
-My 1 CKY album,
-My 2 Dream Theater albums,
-3 of my Iron Maiden albums (my other 6 albums work, though ~_^ ),
-My 1 Rammstein album,
-All 4 of my Symphony X albums ToT,
-And my 1 Yngwie Malmsteen album

My Metallica, Dragonforce, Guns Ní Roses and Flogging Molly albums seem to be working fine, however. ^_^ So I luckily can make due until I can find the license info on my old computer and get it transferred to here.

Alright, now that Iíve bored you with listing what music I can and canít listen to (sorry about that ^_^; ), Iíll move on to more important stuff.

I got my schedule for this school year the other day in the mail. Iím happy with all the classes I got, but the new horrendous scheduling being implemented by CMS this year (which Iíve already whined to you about) still has me depressed. -_-; I can tell you right now guys: The new schedule is going to suck for everyone. (For those new to this issue, youíre probably saying ďthatís a horrible attitude to go in withĒ. But remember, as I explained, lots of students and teachers have left to go to other schools just because of how much this new schedule will suck.)

It also doesnít help that school begins on the 25th. >_<; We were told the one up to this new schedule would be 3 extra weeks of summer! *sigh*, another lie from CMS.

Iím really, really depressed about how this new school year is going to go, guys.
Are the PMís here on The Otaku finally working yet? I may just need to chat with one of my close friends here and get advice on what to do and all (the PM system hereís been busted since March as I recall, so itís been a while since Iíve PMíed one of my buddies here for help when I feel depressed).

OK everybody, now that all the news and explanation is out of the way, my next post will be a lot shorter and hopefully happier.

Iím gonnaí go visit and comment on all your sites now. ^_^
In the meantime, when you read this post please tell me all that happened that I may or may not have missed since my last post on the 8th.

Hereís todayís Art-FeatureÖ
ďDeep In The ForestĒ, by MakiHosaku:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I love this girlís facial-expression.
She has that air of innocence, and it appears that sheís receiving and feeling some sort of emotion at the moment. Iím not sure what that is, but it seems to me to be something like a sense of awe (ďsurpriseĒ of ďshockĒ donít seem to describe it, as theyíre a tad too strong).
What do you think about this piece?

Alright everybody, thanks for reading!
Iím off to visit your sites! ^o^

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