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Sunday, October 7, 2007

RULE (read plz!)

[the manor place is closing for the night guests choose ur last place to stay and tomorrow u can move again]

Ok apperently there are misconseptions about the muder mystery. If the pm for example says u hav been attacked by a demon u lose 1 point. u cannot counter and say i kill the demon and get my one point bac. There shall be no counters wat so ever! And wen u go to sleep at night u cannot put bookcases in front of your doors to keep the murderer out nor can u lock the door!. U either A) sleep by yourself and chance a murder or B) bunk with other guests at the manor (for simplicity u sleep in rooms with other ppl than urself). If you continue to argue with counters u will get warnings and if your warning go up to 3 u will be out of the game!
2) U cannot tell me so and so and me will go here they hav to pm me seperately or ur request will be denied!

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