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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

   I'm Mighty Tighty-Whitey and I'm smuggling plums

that is seriously the craziest song ever. you gotta listen to that.

Moving on:

Today at school I met the most awesome guy ever. His name is AJ and he's gay. but, like I care. he is so frikin cool, it's unbelievable. He calls me Pastey cuz I'm pale. XP Yeah, we got ourselves a 4-day weekend, so, that leaves lots of time to do absolutely nothing. XD
James is worried that I'm gonna break up with him for this one girl that hits on me constantly, but I told him I would never do that.

well, I'm friends with Josh once again. he's on my myspace and we're cool and all. I told him I didn't hate him anymore and he said cool. yeah, I can't believe I actually forgave him! XD

does anyone here have a myspace? if so, you should send me your name in a pm! XP

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