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Monday, October 23, 2006

   101 Total Visits!
wow, that's interesting. I finally have over a hundred visits on my site. but, alas, only 24 friends. (or something to that degree...)

Yeah, my weekend was fun. On saturday, James came and got me at 9:00 p.m. and we went out for ice cream, cuz it was sweetest day. then, at 9:45, we left and went to Wally World and ran around there till 11:00. we got into an Axe fight. but, Axe smells good, so it was okay. XD

On sunday, he came and picked me up at roughly 8:30/ 9:00 and we left for a town called Marion, which is about a half-hour away. there's this huginous maze there that's like six or seven feet tall and you can walk around in it and get lost and stuff. well, it was all Halloween-themed, so people were standing around all dressed up trying to scare you. I only sreamed once and I'll tell you about that interesting speal.

Me and James were walking through the maze, just minding our own business, when suddenly, some guy reached under the bottom of the wall (which is like a foot off the ground) and grabbed both of my ankles. now, this scared me very much so. I leapt up like two feet in the air and to the left. Well, the guy crawled under the wall and followed us for like two steps, then he grab James around the neck and was like: "James?" We looked at him under the light and it was that creep, Josh. =O! he followed us a bit, and we talked. When we were through with the maze, Josh left us to go back to his station, and me and James went back to his car.

When Josh was leaving, he made fun of us cuz we were kanoodeling. We got cold, so we went in his car and................ yeah.......

That was my very exciting weekend. XD

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