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Friday, October 20, 2006

   Thursday, I don't care about you! It's Friday! And I'm in love!
I woke up to that song this morning on the radio. It fits my mood today cuz... I'm in love! =O! I know, I couldn't believe it either! I love James and he loves me. it'll work this time cuz we're together and I want us to stay together forever! XD

he said it first, so I know he means it. We had an interesting evening the other night. That's when I realized I loved him. Now, every time I see feathers, I think of him. XD oooh, kinky! lol

so, my life just got better. I won't be on MyO very often anymore. Evenings will be spent with James doin stuff. XD


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Monday, October 16, 2006

   what ev!
Well, I guess I can't blog about anything anymore! A certain myotaku member is telling one of my friends that he should print out everything i put on here and show it to James.

Can you believe that? I put all those things down cuz I don't know what to do in my relationship! Just because this person has never had a boyfriend, doesn't mean she has to ruin my relationships!

on a lighter note, I met James' ex last week, y'know? She's totally awesome! she was creepy at first cuz she was so nice, but now she's cool. She's a freshman, one year younger than me, but she hangs out with me now. I walked with her after school today in the rain to the grade school so she could meet her people. we exchanged numbers, so either she'll call me or i'll call her. XD She might join soccer this year with me. this is gonna be a fun year!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Bad Touch

I hope you watched that. XD

Yesterday was fun. I went with Layla to Green Bay to the zoo for some halloween thing. We got to go into the woods and walk along the trails trying to amuse/scare the people that rode in the horse-drawn wagons that came around. It was freezing, so all we did was huddle around a bonfire I made with my lighter. XD My two cigarettes fell apart in my pocket, so I had to re-roll them, which is a pain in the ass!

Anyway, me and Layla met some people from Pulaski while standing around the fire. there were two girls and a guy named Jay. Jay's frikin awesome. He thinks i'm hot, which a lot of people do. XD He tried to pick me up and carry me into the woods cuz he said he wanted to fuck me. I slapped him. We walked around for a bit and got some candy, then went back to the woods.

When we were leaving, Jay walked with us to Layla's car. He tried picked me up to carry me, but he DROPPED me! -_-; when we finally got back to my house, Layla's dad woke us up. she was laying down sideways on the seat, and my head was on her knee. we were both sleeping that way. lol

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