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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yay next week I'm going to Paris with my school o.0 yes WITH MY SCHOOL!!!!
-dances- so I'm afraid I wont be around to see anyone T_T

Nm else going on other wise. But remember people I am still taking wallpaper requests so if someone wants one let me know and I'll re-post the info ^^

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

   yugioh Japanies names revealed!!!
This is basicly all the yugioh casts names translated into japanies and what they mean.

-child of the morning sun

Yugi Muoto
-Saruwatari Makoto
-monkey on a crossing bridge/sincerity

Joey Wheeler
-Michishige Yoshitoki
-heavy journey/time for celebrating

Tristan Taylor
-Fujimoto Tadayoshi
-true wisteria/loyal and righteous

Tea Gardner
-Akimoto Chiharu
-true autumn/thousand spring times

Seto Kaiba
-Yamashita Kaito
-under the mountain/big dipper of the ocean

Mokuba Kaiba
-Momiji Kaito
-crimson blade/big dipper of the ocean

Solomon Mutou
-Matsuo Makoto
-tail of a pine tree/sincerity

Maximillion Pagasus
-Sagami Amon
-mutual imitation/asian gates

Weevil Underwood
-Nishimura Kazuki
-west of the village/one wood

Rex Raptor
-Rika Junichiro
-lustrous pear tree/pure first son

Mai Valentine
-Hamano Rie
-seaside field/village painting

Ryou Bakura
-Ishimaru Akira
-round stone/bright

Serenity Wheeler
-Ayumu Yoshitoki
-walk your own way/time for celebrating

Bandit Keith
-Obana Kazuma
-little flower/one reality

-elegant chronicle

Rebecca Hawkins
-Minawa Chiaki
-three circles/very fine in autumn

Arthur Hawkins
-Masahiro Chiaki
-big hero/very fine in autumn

Duke Devlin
-Yoshida Shigure
-lucky field/giving violet

Johnny Steps
-Yoshikuni Masato
-good fortune country/sacred person

Marik Ishtar
-Ogawa Shou
-small river/soar

Ishizu Ishtar
-Michiyo Shou
-three thousand generations/soar

Espa Roba
-Asuka Kinji
-fragrance of the bright day/take pleasure in two

Odion Ishtar
-Sadako Shou
-righteous child/soar

Jean Claude Magnum
-Nakajima Michiko
-center of the island/child of a thousand beauties

Noah Kaiba
-Shinozuka Kaito
-bamboo hill/big dipper of the ocean

Gozaboro Kaiba
-Hayato Kaito
-falcon person/big dipper of the ocean

-fortunate rice field

-penetrating peace

-plump son

-helpful wisteria

-beautiful hope

-chronicle trust

-heavenly sound/beautiful arrow

Well well there you go....yes I was very bord XD If anyother charicters from yugioh ae not here let me know. Also if any one wants their faverite charicters name translated let me know I'm gonna do it all for the heel of it lol see everone soon!!!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

My site is under construction today sorry. But I'm soooo happy -dances- yay I thought myotaku was gone T^T I was so unhappy because I thought my friends were gone TT^TT But you arn't ^_^ hope to chat soon.
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

   OMG WORK WORK WORK @-@ That's all I ever do now!!!!Our school has inspectors coming and all the teachers are panicking. As a result I feel like I'm in 3rd Year again about to take the state examinations with all the work their giving us to save their own skins T^T -sigh-

Well Oana is back!!! It mite take her a while to get on otaku again but we can all hope. I've planned to meet her for shopping on Sunday
-crosses fingers- don't let something come up at the last minute 00

Oh I designed all those posters for the Paris trip but there was no colour ink to print em off in school T^T grrrr go figure. So I printed of 3/4 size pics on pages and brought them in. So my teacher got me to put the files on his computer and he said he'd print them at home 0-0 yay!!!

On the way home from school on Wednesday I met up with my mom and she was realy upset about somethingo.0 when I asked her what was wrong she said "come with me and I'll show you". I was thinking OMG OMG it wasn't me she has no proof!!! But when we got to the traffic lights I realised there had been an accident and some kid got hit by a car00 But who ever was there did a stupid thing >:( They moved the kid!!!!!! For god sake the one thing you never do is move the person!!! That can cause further injury! -sigh- stupid people.

This week everyone has been on edge in school and it's not just because of the inspectors coming in o-o In 4 years there has never been fights in my year until now!!
In this week alone there were 2 fights in class rooms o.0 Scary for some. Quite amusing for me^-^

Wow my posts have goten long o.0 oops well see you all next week

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

   Crazy week
Well this week I was on my midterm break^-^ yay -dances- I spent a lot of time creating posters and flyers for my paris trip x.x so tired...... but it was fun.

My week didn't start off to good .-. We had a bunch of prats throw mud at our house and then my parents got in a huge fight with their parents and ggggggrrrr aaaarrrrgggggg!!!!! So angry >:(
As a result I ended up writing a song.... it was that or put a hole in the wall (didn't want another one, my rooms drafty enough as it is)

Anyway, happy toughts happy thoughts, 0.o yes well wenseday and thursday was very exciting^^

On wen. we went potholing (cave exploring) in Bray!! yes yes very fun. After skaling slipery walls, crawling through really small tunels,walking through waist deep water and walking in the dark many of us were durty^^ I was last out of the cave (cuzz I got stuck in the small tunnl o0) everyone was standing around complaining how dirty they were.... and then I walked out, without speaking, and noded in agreement......when they turned around and looked at me,lets just say they stoped commplaining how dirty THEY were XDDDDDD
(and now I am very sore T^T)

On thur. we went up to Down.(XD very bad pun, look at map of Ireland and you'll understand)
Here we went rock climming and seeing as I am afraid of heights that was a very intresting trip XD We were there for 5 hours and after 3 my arms were dead x.x I couldn't tie my shoes they were that bad T^T (still are)

Also because we crossed the north/south border we were stoped by the gardi(police) a couple of times o.0 (hope they didn't find out about that incedent with the sword)

On friday I was almost killed (again) by a car!!! I was in a shopping centre carpark and this woman just reversed out of no where (just about missed me) and hit a car 0.0 We found out later she pressed too hard on the exelorator XD But a few more steps and I would have been a pancake.....mmmmm pancake ^-^

Also I bought Howl's Moving Castle on DVD hence the change in theme ^-^ To be honest I actualy read the book version first and then watched the movie. As everone knows the transgresion (big word) between book and movie often meens a change in story, once agian this is true but I found both (book and movie) to be realy good eventhough they were quite different from one another.

owwww my hand is very sore T^T I some how managed to miss the fridge door and hit my hand off a chair -_- stupid chair!! now my knucle is the size of a water melon......mmmmmm water melon ^-^

Now I must go and finish or rather start a 10 page religion project due in on monday @-@

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Oops o.0 late post today!!

Well the musical went really well!!! I had to help in the composition of the video recording of the show^^ If I can get it up I will.One of the guys got head butted during a scene and burst his lip open 0.o Now that's what I call realistic XD Then we all got our photo's taken for the local newspaper and on Friday the pricaple of my school invited me to a special luncho.0 It was because of all the work I desiging the stage and lots of really importent people will be there 8D

Then there was another surprise!!!Oana came to the school for a visite 8D She had a doctors appointment in Bray (dont ask) and she decided to make a slight detourXD So I brought her all around the school, showing her all the new things and what has changed^^

Then one of my teachers asked me to make A2 posters for the french trip 0.0 and to make CD covers for the Westside Story musical recordings.Crazy teachers x.x

Also I have news ^.^ for all who remember Demi, he asked me out last week!!!! -dances- yay!! So I have to thank Mori, Jade and..... -cant remember 0.o- ummm oops well thank you anyway ^^' So on Sunday were going to see Sweeny Todd!But I seem to be coming dow with somethi9ng again so well have to see T^T

I have made Crystals cavern public for all who want to join. It's a multi-purpose site with good bits of info also with book, movie, web and cd reiviews. If you would like to be a member you can join at:


Well nothing much else going on. I will however thank Yamispharaohess because everytime I post she has always commented and seeing as I get an average of 1 comment a week XD I thought I'd thank her ^-^ Thank you!!!!!!

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ok I'm sorry I've been sick with a chest infection and havent had time to updateT^T

Well I have some realy cool news 8D My school has organise a 4 day trip to paris!!!!! It's to do with Architectuarl History class but the last day is disne land!!!! -dances- I've never been to disne land.

My school is holding a musical this year. Its Westside Story. I would have went in for a part but the singing auditions were first(and seeing as I cant sing) so I didnt go for one of thouse. A week later we were told anyone who didn't do a singing audition couldn't do a dancing or acting audition 0-0 GGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrr I was realy pissed cuzz I wanted to dance (shock horrer) But litrily 4sec later my old art teacher confronted me and said she wanted me to be her right-hand girl. I was happy thinking I'd be helping her out....then I relised something totaly awsome XD What she had acctualy done was made me core art and design managment on the musical 0-0

Also my school FINALY did the Green Committee Launch Day!!!!! I had to create a 6min long movie (it eventualy was cut down to
3-4mins) about Snappy the Turtle, our Green school mascot XD lamo but our teacher gave us rubish speekers and i had to equlize the sound on the spot enough so people could hear it x.x I was so angry and disaponted when the movie ended I almost cried, 158 hours of no weekends,games, music or movies along with no x-mas hols and it ended up like that... but then something odd happened! Everyone got up and claped 0.o 200 people got up and claped for me T^T I was so happy. Everyone loved it even my teachers!! I couldnt belive it^^ If I get it up on youtube.com I'll so you guys. Even so I decided to quit the Green Committee. It took up so much effort, time and the teacher had me running around doing all HER work so that ended that.

Now I'm content with being Library Assistant (yeh laugh all you want I can rent out a non moniterd laptop anytime I want in my school now

I'll leave you with an event that happend in my school (yes we are all very sad)


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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   Sweeny Todd!!!!!!!!!
People of the world hear me!!!!!!!!!! Sweeny Todd rules all XD yay cant wait ti see this movie! Who wouldn't. Yes I'm alive nice to be back hope everyone had a great christmas and a happy new year^^ Well for the moment I'm sick yes how horrid but the school musical is in full swing so I dont have any classes!!! -dances- well nothing much else to say I'll leave you with something you'll like.....we'll something I like XD

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

   Sweeny Todd!!!!
People of the world hear me!!!!!!!!!! Sweeny Todd rules all XD yay cant wait ti see this movie! Who wouldn't. Yes I'm alive nice to be back hope everyone had a great christmas and a happy new year^^ Well for the moment I'm sick yes how horrid but the school musical is in full swing so I dont have any classes!!! -dances- well nothing much else to say I'll leave you with something you'll like.....we'll something I like XD

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

   Time to celobrate ^^
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