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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My goodness.
Another year has gone flying by, hasn't it. I won't lie, I'll be glad that the holiday season is coming to a close (if only because the traffic in my hometown during this time of year is absurd - I mean, where do all these people come from? Do they move in for the holidays and zip right out again come January? Seriously), but I'm enjoying being back home for winter break. We had a nasty windstorm a few days before I arrived, but most people have their power back on.

I've been playing Shadow of the Colossus on my brother's PS2 (my friend and I beat it once at school at our gamer friend's apartment over several weeks) and I've only got three colossi left. I'm aiming to finish before I leave town on Wednesday (the family is taking a trip to the Oregon coast - it'll be cold and stormy, but very awesome), but that may be a losing battle.

Let's see... the next LARP event (I know, that's all I talk about these days, isn't it?) is January nineteenth, and I'm excited to go back again. It'll be cold, but I've done some repairs to my costume and should be better prepared.

I turned twenty a week ago. It's a little surreal - I'm starting to feel pretty old - but only one more year until I can get a concealed weapons permit. Heh heh.

Whatever you celebrate, I hope it's gone well, and I wish you all a thoroughly rock-tastic new year!

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