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Saturday, December 2, 2006

   A photo.
Just figured I had to share this with you guys, 'cause I've posted it on my LJ and my Facebook and even e-mailed it to my mother. XD

Yeah, it's my LARP costume. My character is half-dragon, hence the blue.

Last post, I was asked what kendo is. Essentially, it's the Japanese version of fencing - the elements all come from kenjutsu, or the martial art of the sword, and kendo is the "sport" version. It's done with bamboo practice swords called shinai, and the participants wear armor called bogu to cover legal targets (head, sides, wrists, throat). Wikipedia has a very nice article on it.

Happy Saturday, guys! I only have a week until classes are over, and then one week of finals, and then I can go home and be lazy and get some proper costuming done.

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