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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Further updates... yay.
Well, hey, everyone - it's been some time. Just wanting to drop by and wish those of you in the US a Happy Thanksgiving, and those of you elsewhere a happy nice autumn weekend. *grins* Hope life is going well for everyone.

I'll either go back to kendo after this weekend or starting next semester. I'm planning on talking to my sensei this week and asking him which would be better - I'm thinking that jumping into things so quickly might make things difficult, but if he wants me back as soon as possible, I'll give it a try.

Let's see, what has happened recently... I got one hundred percent on my latest essay for People and Cultures of Asia. And the professor is the Anthropology department chair and a really tough grader. So you can see why I'd be THRILLED. *grins* Anyway, that's about all that's noteworthy in the school department. Japanese is going well (I'm to the point where I can listen to people speaking in Japanese around me and get the gist of what they're discussing, which makes me very happy), Philosophy class is difficult and frustrating and I'm dreading the final exam, Japanese Religions is breaking my brain because we're studying Zen Buddhism, and I think that covers things.

Anyway - LARP this weekend. I've done some extra work on my costume and I'm pretty excited to go and see folks again.

With that, I must be off - I'm going home tomorrow, so I need to start packing and getting things in order.

Have a good weekend, all!

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