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Monday, October 30, 2006

Another random update
Well, life has been interesting since the last post. LARPing was a blast as always (and this past Saturday involved a Halloween party and dodgeball with a bunch of folks from it, and crashing at the the leader-of-the-orc-war-band's place in lieu of trying to get a ride home at two in the morning; good times), my laptop's video card decided that life was no longer worth living, and it ended up that we had to replace the whole machine, so I'm typing now on a very sleek Lenovo R60 with an extended warranty, thank goodness. Let's see, what else - I had a scare with my elbows when WU's nurse practitioner and resident doctor thought it might be neuropathy or even a serious joint injury, but I saw an orthopedist last week who said that - thankfully - it's only a tendon injury, and though it's something that I'll probably be dealing with for a long time, it's not likely to degenerate into anything bad, and I can probably go back to kendo in four to six weeks. I just have to do some stretching and strength-building excersizes, and build up slowly. I'm thinking this means I won't compete this year, either, but I'll be able to go to regular practices again, and maybe I can hit the advanced practices sometime next semester. I'm happy about it.

Last week, I wrote a ten page paper in eleven hours - and I feel reasonably confident about it. The subsequent presentation also went as well as I could've hoped. Am still awaiting my grade for that, and for the midterm for that class (for which my hopes aren't quite as high, but such is life).

Anyway, I think that's been about it - I jammed a finger playing dodgeball, so I'll not type much more today. That and I've got two papers due this week that I've been neglecting.

One last thing - bought a book at Powell's on Saturday. Game Birds at Home by Theodore van Dyke, from 1895. Score.

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