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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cosplay cosplay? Cosplay cosplay cosplay.
Hey guyyyys.

My cosplay photos are finally up. Ridiculous amounts of love to my roommate for actually taking pictures of me, otherwise I wouldn't have much to share. XD Anyway, ah, yeah. I do hope you guys approve! I do plan on improving upon these costumes in the future, should I get the chance.

But anyway, um, I have about two pages left to go on this essay of mine that is due in fourteen hours and twenty-six minutes. Wish me luck.

Oh! Also, brief shout-out: does anybody have a recommendation as to a place I could buy a cheap cloak online? Almost anything will do, but preferrably something very simple (even a wrap-around type thing, as long as it's long enough to keep the torso and arms warm), preferrably hoodless and available in a warm fabric like wool or flannel. It does have to be period as to no later than 1600's, but I can make some modifications if need be. I'm looking for CHEAP, so even if the quality sucks, please help me out if you can.


Edit: Never mind, issue is taken care of. Now back to your regularly scheduled lurking. XD

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