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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

   Hurray, life!
Hello, everybody! ... Kumoricon was a blast (I will post cosplay pictures soon; most of them are on my roommate's camera, still), and after eight months of downtime, I finally went back to kendou today. My tendonitis flared up right after I moved back to school, but it seems to have settled down again, and so far, so good - I may try staying for the advanced practices next week, if I'm still feeling okay.

Anyway, besides all of that... well, I've got the first Japanese exam of the year tomorrow, so I'm memorizing vocabulary. Also have two essays due over the next couple weeks, but one of them is Philosophy so it's basically just structured rambling, and the other is on perspectives on the caste system in India for my People/Cultures of Asia class, which looks to be a little more difficult but still should be fun.

Speaking of that... I declared my major today. I'm now officially a student of Anthropology.

Hope all of you who are in school are having a good year, and that life is going well!

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