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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

   All is now well.
In case you haven't noticed (don't see how you could miss it, but, oh well!), the website and all the banners should be back online. Sorry for the downtime! The story is, I kind of forgot to renew my hosting plan. XD I paid this morning, though, and it seems everything's running smoothly again.

Thanks for your patience!

Minor life updates: my grandmother, thank goodness, is well on the road to a near-full recovery. The doctors at the hospital honestly thought we'd lose her during mid-June, but she really hung on. She's in a nursing home right now and will be moved to an assisted living type retirement home in a few weeks.

My mother sold a piano and took pity on my joblessness, so I am now the proud owner of a Canon EOS Rebel XT digital camera. I have a penchant for naming my prized possessions (my laptop is Benihime and my old EOS 650 film camera is McTavish), so any suggestions for a sexy silver camera are welcome.

I'm still addicted to Ouran High School Host Club. Some other anime that I've enjoyed recently are Gakuen Heaven (very cheesey boylove, and they don't actually kiss until the last episode, but it's all eye candy and/or crack anyway) and Jigoku Shoujo (moves very slowly, but the art is gorgeous). As for manga, I've been shamelessly sucked into Death Note (heavy subject matter and moral questioning, definitely more plot than eye candy, but I LOVE it) and Earthian (angel shounen-ai; by the same lady who draws Loveless, but a very 80's art style; still, gorgeous and with some color inserts).

While I was driving around Seattle with a friend last week, some jackass insisted that I'd hit his car and dinged his bumper, but when he reported to my insurance agency, he said it was July 20th at one in the afternoon and I'd been driving a Volkswagon (it was actually the 19th at six in the evening, and I drive a Nissan Altima). I made my official statement and had my car inspected and photographed, and basically there's no damage to my car, so this should work out for the better.

I've also borrowed Firefly from one of my friends, and I kind of love it.

That is all! Thanks for sticking with me, guys, and enjoy the rest of the week.

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