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Monday, June 19, 2006

   It's funny how television kills the brain.
I've got one anime that you all need to see: Ouran High School Host Club. Don't ask, just watch.

Okay, if you do have to ask, think the level of cuteness and variety of bishounen you'd find in Fruits Basket, minus the mythology, plus the most adorable gender-bending you'll ever see. It is great.

... what now?...

Ummm... now we ramble on about what's been happening with aurus. Not that it matters, particularly, but it's the wee hours of the morning and I just watched three hours of House thanks to the video rental place, so why not? It's not like you've got something better to do, seeing as you're already here. XD

My grandmother is in the hospital - long story, that, don't ask - so I've moved temporarily into her condo to take care of her cat, water her plants, get her mail, keep the dust from building up, et cetera. The job market for temporary summer positions sucks, no matter what the newspaper says, and because I've finally found the digital camera of my dreams, it'd be really nice if I could save up enough to buy it before I go back to school. Especially since to really go anywhere in professional photography, a film camera doesn't cut it, even if I do love the poor old thing to pieces.

My elbows have been and still are strange - tendonitis, thanks to that one kendou practice with the forty pushups, remember that? - and the funny thing is, I could care less about the (very minor) pain. It's the restless feeling that really bugs me. I don't know whether it's part of the tendonitis or just because I can't excersize my arms much, but the joints always feel like I have to keep moving them, even if it's just tensing the muscles around them. Very weird.

What else, what else... I've been baking a lot of scones. What can I say? They're delicious and you can do just about anything to them. My most recent batch I made with a couple tablespoonfulls of raspberry jam and a splash of vanilla extract; the other week, I added diced peaches, orange zest, and lime juice. Gotta love those scones. Maybe next time I'll try chopped walnuts and almond extract, and maybe some other nut-ish things. Hmmm.

That's about all that's been going on. I hope everybody had a good Father's Day, that you've enjoyed the weekend, that those of you who are done with school are enjoying your summer, and that those still in school don't have long to wait. Peace!

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