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Monday, March 20, 2006

Five days until SakuraCon!

I'll be leaving school Thursday night, and the Con starts on Friday. If I can manage to wake up early and make the appointment, I'll get my hair dyed today (Monday), and failing that, Wednesday.

My costume is almost finished. I'm sure I can have it done by Tuesday, since all I need to do is finish putting the neckband together and improvise a way to tie it off at my waist.


There will be SO many pictures. I won't have a digital camera this year, but I can get photos put on CDs when I get them developed.

I'm so excited. XD I'm also entering full panic mode. Heh. However, I'm a whole lot further on my costume than a lot of people I'm going with, so. XD

I hope everyone's doing well and that school isn't being too frustrating (not much longer until summer!).

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