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Friday, February 24, 2006

As of midnight tonight, it is exactly four weeks until SakuraCon.

I don't believe I have announced this here yet... I'm going to a con in the last weekend of March, and I will be cosplaying the lovely Yoruichi, from Bleach. Yay. XD

So far, I have all of the costume bits sorted out except for her shoes. I'm really not sure how I should go about those. Right now, it's looking like I'll just have to make them out of something white and durable, solely by eyeballing them. XD That'll be fun.

Aaanyway... yes, so, I will be dying my hair purple for this. Mwee.

There will be pictures when the time comes.

Anyone else going to SakuraCon this year? (Website, for those who don't know: www.sakuracon.org)

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