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Saturday, December 24, 2005

   *rises from the dead*
Heeeeyyyyy. XD

I'm so lazy and horrible, but jeez, how could I go without wishing you guys a merry Christmas, happy Hannukah, cheerful Kwanzaa, lovely Winter Solstice, fantastic Yule, and in general a very nice holiday season?

I would have felt very bad if I hadn't. XD Hope you guys are having a great season, and that those of you on winter vacation are making the most of it!

Not too much has happened lately. I'm home from school until mid-January, and I'm taking the time to do some writing and generally get caught up on lost sleep. My grades just came out today; two A's, one A minus, and two B plusses. I'm really quite thrilled, seeing as in one of the B plus classes, I hadn't gotten any better than a B minus on any assignment. XD

Anyway. Some new things have sprung up in my life. My birthday gift from the whole family was a Cort acousitc guitar, since I've expressed great interest in learning to play, and since my brother teaches professionally, he's agreed to give me some lessons before I go back to school. Hopefully I can get someone there to continue the lesson-ing. Also, I've picked up a set of some really wonderful speakers for Benihime, my laptop. They're those Bose Companion 2 speakers, and MY GODS, I don't think I've ever heard such wonderful sound quality in my LIFE. I highly recommend them to anyone considering upgrading their sound system. Bose truly owns my soul.

Last but not least, I got new glasses. They're beige-ish and kind of rectangular, and the kind that only has half of the frame (on the top half of the lenses). They make me happy.

That's about it. No progress on BFP, really, since I didn't have a lot of time during the last month of school, and I've been too lazy here at home to do much. XD

Anyway, a very happy holiday to everyone, whatever you may celebrate, and a wonderful New Year!

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