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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Everyone in the dorm must think I'm completely out of my mind...

I've spent some of the evening reading through the Bleach scripts, and I have no doubt that everyone can hear me shouting things like "Ichigo! It's coming!" and so on...

... and I still can't get them to sound right. Of course, I haven't had very much time to work on them, and doing them on my own... well, there's nothing to bounce off of, so to speak. It'd be easier if I was with other people. We should try to arrange some times just to read through the scripts sooner or later. (Speaking of, SG, are you nearly done with the first episode? I'd rather like to have it back. XD )

I feel like... this is really, really, really difficult for me to do in a dorm... no privacy, and I can't shout properly with other people around who'd probably flip out if I suddenly screamed "ARE YOU ALRIIIGHT, KUROSAKI-KUN?" at the top of my lungs, in a crazily-sugar-sweet voice...

Well, I'll be home for winter vacation, and we'll have all of next summer. I sense this could be a looong project.

Anyway... this is aurus, signing off, and hoping nobody's called the cops on me.

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